A little surprised…

imageIt’s been a week of mixed emotions.

Tuesday- dissertation mark returned. It was a brilliant mark but I can’t help thinking a WHOLE year of super hard work deserves a bit more credit but I did it and did it good!

Wednesday- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London (a must see if you manage to get tickets at all!) a lovely day out with some of the family. When Joseph passed, I received his Harry Potter DVDs (we only had the films on video at the time!) and his audiobooks. It’s a love of his that I am more than happy to have inherited!

Thursday- 4 hours sleep the night before a day of placement in Birmingham

Friday- lack of sleep really caught up with me.

Despite a busy week, I knew I had to go for a run tonight. It didn’t start well. I forgot to warm up as I was so keen to get it out the way so my legs felt heavy and I couldn’t get my breathing right (thanks to the asthma I inherited from my dad and has become a problem since starting to exercise more!). My knee was also twinging- something I’ve not been able to shake off since gaining a knee injury in training for and completing November’s Derby 10 mile which put me out of action for two months! It’s fair to say I thought it was going to be a rubbish run.

Yet I ran at my usual pace and did a good run! I was a little surprised to say the least! No I didn’t enjoy it, but I know I’m not going to enjoy every run and I know training for the Great North Run is going to be tough but on nights like tonight I need to remember why I am doing it. My legs are an achey reminder of Joseph tonight and who knows, I may be able to convince the other half to put a Harry Potter film on and enjoy a story that Joseph once did.

Please continue to read and share if my blogs resonate with you in anyway- you never know who it could impact on!

Until next time, keep loving your liver,




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