Today’s an important day…


Today’s an important day. Today is 14th May. Today is my oldest brother and running/fundraising partner’s 38th birthday (Happy Birthday Liam!!). Today is the day our Lasting Tribute page goes live to raise funds for the British Liver Trust because today would have also been Joseph’s 38th birthday too.

Yes Liam and Joseph were technically “twin cousins” (no idea if that is the correct term but that’s what I’ve always called them!). Which makes raising funds all the more poignant as they shared a lot together growing up, even living together at one point when my family first moved down from up North!

Today I think of Joseph on his 21st birthday, one that I have the most memory of (even if I did spend most of the time on my Barbie bouncy castle in the front garden!). There was a BBQ at our house, one of Liam’s friends fell asleep in the downstairs toilet and no one realised for hours and Liam and Joseph mingled amongst family and friends and we have a photo of them with lots of photos of them as they grew up. Although I’m sure Joseph’s experience of his 21st would be totally different to Liam’s, I bet he enjoyed it just as much. From what I saw, Joseph didn’t let his illness define him, he worked hard to battle the stigma and succeeded massively in living a fulfilled life, until this was taken away from him at age 24.

It would mean so much to both me and Liam if you can donate whatever you can to our Lasting Tribute page in memory of Joseph to raise funds for the British Liver Trust- any size donation will make a difference (link below!). Joseph and raising money in his memory will be what spurs us on as we train to run that 13.1 miles round the North East in September.

Thank you so much.

Until next time, keep loving your liver!





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