Beautiful sunshine or sweltering heat?

If you’d spoken to me yesterday I would have told you that I sat in the beautiful sunshine during my lunch hour. If you speak to me today I’ll tell you how I went for a training run in the sweltering heat!!

I left the flat at 8.30am thinking it’d be cooler-I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! It was 15 degrees when I left, 19 when I got back. The shade got less and less as I ran further and I kept stopping so my breathing was out of sync. I’ve never ran in such heat before. But I still went for a run and proved to myself that I can train in diverse conditions.

I’d managed to get to Booti twice this week which I haven’t done for a long time and my legs were definitely still heavy from a running session my lovely instructor, Katie got us doing on Tuesday (she worked us hard!). Booticamp Babes is a women only bootcamp, everyone’s really supportive and it works all parts of the body so great to help with my training, the link to their website is at the end of my blog!

So even though my run wasn’t great, I still wore my British Liver Trust training vest with Pride knowing that my strength is getting better and our fundraising is going brilliantly! (Link at the bottom!) Now I can enjoy my bank holiday weekend knowing my exercise is done for the week!

So please keep sharing my blog and sharing and donating to our fundraising page- all donations make a huge difference!

Until next time, keep loving you liver!



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